How to Revive your Dead Lularoe Group on Facebook

A few months in, and my group was already DEAD. No one was shopping. I couldn’t even consistently sell one item a week. I was JUST about to give up on LuLaRoe altogether when I decided to CHANGE EVERYTHING !! I had been convinced that I was working as hard as I could, and I was failing because people just didn’t want to shop. That was NOT true. I could have done a whole lot of things better! So now a few months later I have more than DOUBLED my sales, and my Facebook Group is nearly THREE TIMES bigger than before. Here is how I did it!!!!!

1. Get a new photo set up, then retake pictures of your entire inventory! (Yes really, ALL of it)

     One goal in retaking your pictures is to make your stagnant inventory look fresh. Sometimes giving people a new way too look at an item is all you needed to get the sale! I redid all of my pictures for my Relaunch Party and people thought my stuff was brand new. I also received tons of compliments on my picture set up.

Another goal in retaking your pictures is to make your group LOOK new and fresh. It will help get people excited and it gives you a whole new BRAND, which I will get to later.

There are TONS of ways to change up your photos. Here are just a few ways to liven things up.

  • Get a new backdrop.
  • Switch up your type of picture. Doing flat lays? Try hanging the clothes! Hanging the clothes? Get a mannequin!
  • Add accessories.
  • Style the item with another piece. It will help show people how to style their purchase PLUS you might able to sell that second item.
  • Add close up pictures of the print
  • Change your method of showing the items size. Try wood letters, a sign, edit the picture to add the size as a text, use a collage app, etc)

Think like a customer. Can you see the print clearly? Does the angle compliment the piece of clothing well?

Here is a bonus tip! Make sure you have GREAT lighting! Better lighting makes a HUGE difference in the quality of your pictures. I can post a link to the lighting kit that I use.

2. Do the “Deanne Challenge” and the “72 Hour Game Plan” and BOOK THOSE POP UPS!

     Basically both of these challenges involve putting yourself out there, so you have to be brave! Don’t be afraid of being told no because it is going to happen. The “Deanne Challenge” is talking to 10 new people every day and the “72 Hour Gameplan” is making a list of 72 people you know and reaching out to them in a 72 hour window of time. I like to combine them into ONE challenge with a twist. Let’s just call it the “Megan Challenge” for consistency sake.

Here is how to complete the “Megan Challenge”. Set aside a chunk of time, and devote that time to reaching out to as many people AND businesses that you can in that period of time. I usually set aside an hour for this. You can ask them if they would like to host a pop up, an album sale, OR a virtual styling session. I use all methods of communication, phone, email, Facebook, and Instagram. Whichever way you feel will be the most convincing.

Don’t just contact people you know. What businesses do you think would be a fun place for a pop up? Any local churches or nonprofits up for a fundraiser? Think outside the box!


     Be posting constantly on social media! Post on your main networking platforms at least twice a day, and more than that if you can! Facebook algorithms will feature your posts on people’s feeds depending on how often you post! So be posting ALL the time! I have seen a HUGE jump in interaction from posting more and more.

What kind of posts? Post about your life. If your puppy destroyed all of your pillows, take a picture of the fluffy mess. If you are eating cookies in your pantry, take a picture! It doesn’t all have to be Lularoe! I like to make about half of the posts about my life or something not 100% LLR related. Which leads to my next point..

4. Get to know your customers and let them get to know you too!

Part of sharing in your life alongside your work stuff is so people can get to know you better. If they feel like they know you and are a part of your life, they are way less likely to shop with someone else. You wanted to develop a relationship with your customers.

The other side of that is, get to know your customers! Make posts that ask them questions or allow them to share a part of their life. Ask them to share a picture of their pet or child! Remember their sizes and likes/dislikes. You remembering details about them is sure to make them feel special! I do this with my VIPs, and it really makes a difference! And you can “cheat” by searching bless and finding out their size or looking up a past post.

 5. Brand yourself and your business.

     This is a big one. If you want to shop online for Lularoe there are TONS of places for you to do that. You need to ask yourself, “Why would people want to shop with you and how are you different than everyone else?”

Give yourself a unique voice. Are you obsessed with coffee? Are you a total wino? Talk about ypur passions and the things that make you happy. It doesn’t have to be a niche or hobby. Think about your persinality. I am kind of a silly bouncy talkative type so I LEAN into that! So I am going to be energetic and fun in all of my posts! Or do a silly pose in my pictures. My brand is fun and all about connections. Dig deep. Find out who you are/what you like and then AMPLIFY it! A brand is never going to be done halfway. Find your voice and speak it LOUD.

Set your business apart. You want a cohesive look. You can accomplish this in different ways. Use your shipping! Find a specific polymailer. (Unicorns, Green, Flowers, etc. If you love packing up your shipments with tissue paper and treats, DO THAT! If you aren’t big on spending extra effort/time on shipping, Use online posts! Give each album sale a different theme (Pineapples, Peter Pan, The Office). Use consistent typography or go live during a specific time each day. Whatever you do, DO IT CONSISTENTLY!


     Consistency is HUGE in your group. You need to consistent in every aspect of your group. Keep your “rules” the same and stick to them. (I make mine pretty gracious.)

Keep a weekly schedule! Your VIPS need to know your schedule and be able to rely on you to keep that schedule. It can be anything as long as you keep it the same each week. Here is an example:

  • Sunday- Styling Sessions
  • Monday- Flat Lays
  • Tuesday- Shop the Box
  • Wednesday- Album Sale
  • Thursday- Live Sale
  • Friday/Saturday- Off

Make your Lularoe schedule work with your lifestyle. If you want to book all 7 days, DO IT! If you can only work an hour a day, then make that work. No matter what stay consistent, you will most likely see better sales/participation!

Remember to give it your best, and be okay with being rejected sometimes.  Watch as many training videos or read blogs (Like mine!) as much as you can! Take inspiration from retailers who inspire you! Use all of the resources that are available to you. 

If you are interested in becoming a consultant, send me an email: I’d love to answer any questions that you have. Or you can find my business page on Facebook.

If you want to check out my shopping group here is my link:

Balancing Lularoe and Baby WITHOUT Hiring a Sitter

“You will feel so much better once you hire help.” But what if I can’t afford help?


   Since becoming a LuLaRoe consultant I have gotten a lot of awesome advice from other consultants. One piece of advice was to hire someone to help me with the tasks that I don’t enjoy doing or that I don’t have much time for. Which is GREAT advice for people who need to lighten their load, buuuuut what if you can’t afford help? 

     As a new mommy with a new business I was SUPER overwhelmed! But I made it through with almost zero help during the day and YOU CAN TOO! I am no expert at running a business, mommyhood, or multitasking, BUT I did find some things that really helped me stay sane while building my business.

1. Make a schedule for your business then STICK WITH IT. 

     When I was first starting, almost 100% of my business was done online. I was nursing constantly, and leaving the house was sort of an ordeal for me.  So, I focused most of my selling efforts into my Facebook Group. What I have found is that with a consistent schedule you will get consistent shoppers. I used to change my schedule all the time, until I realized that my sales were suffering. Putting my group on a consistent weekly schedule has vastly improved my sales. Give yourself some time to find what works for your crowd. Try out different types of sales at varying times. Keep what works best! 

     Knowing that a sale happens on a specific day also allows you time to prepare ahead of time. Babies are unpredictable, or at least mine is! If yours is predictable USE THAT TO YOUR ADVANTAGE! My son’s schedule is constantly changing. So I learned to prep ahead of time so if there is a change of plans, I am still ready.


  • Monday- Mystery Bags
  • Tuesday- Wall Drops
  • Wednesday- Live Sale
  • Thursday- Album Sale
  • Friday- Live Sale

2. Make a list of goals you want to accomplish that day. Identify things you NEED to do versus things that you WANT to do. 

     This was a lifesaver for me. My son is consistently inconsistent. He is over a year old and I STILL never know when he is going to wake up in the morning. Because of this I cannot put myself on an hourly schedule. Instead, I give myself daily goals! Know which goals you NEED done that day (i.e. shower) and which goals you WANT done that day (i.e. organize closet). Not giving myself deadlines helps me to be less stressed when my little guy is having a rough day, and my plans are interrupted. 

3. Take advantage of your smartphone or tablet! Multitask while you take care of baby.

     My smartphone is easily the business tool that I use the most. In the beginning when I was nursing HOURS at a time, I spent a lot of time sitting. I would simply use this time to work my business by using my phone. Make graphics for your group, network on Facebook/Pinterest, post pictures: there is so much you can do even when you are stuck in one spot. Even now that I have a very mobile one year old, I still use my phone for the same things! Only difference is now I have to work as I follow him around the house. Ha! 

4. Give yourself focused work time with no distractions for the bigger projects. (Album Pictures, Live Sales, & Flat Lays)

     If you have a partner or spouse who can watch the baby for an hour, use that resource to get things done! I stay home with my son full time while my husband works. Roughly once a week I give the baby to him after work and get all of my pictures done at once. I can get some focused Lula time that is normally harder to do when I am home alone. 

     If you do not have a partner/spouse to take over for a bit, then work during naps/bedtime! Stay up an hour later or wake up 30 minutes earlier. Try to save big projects for times that your little one is asleep. 

5. Include them in your business. 

     If your little one is teeny still, just wear them while you work. They still get mommy time, and you get your stuff done! If your baby is a little too active for baby wearing give them something to do in your room. Mine LOVES to “organize” my leggings by dumping them out and putting them away again. So I let him do that so I can work on a project.  

     Set up your highchair/bouncy seat/etc in your Lularoe Room! I have done this more times than I can count. I can feed him or play with him in between projects. 

6. Use their favorite tv show, movie, or song as a distraction!

     I have seen Moana at least 50 times now, but my son LOVES it. He will sit and watch almost the whole thing no problem! When I have an especially detailed project or really need to concentrate I will turn on his favorite movie. We don’t sit in front of the TV all day, but I will definitely use it as a tool to get my work done. 

7. Trade babysitting time with another mom or family member.

     Being a stay at mom can be super lonely. Join a mom group or find a playgroup in your area! Sometimes moms will trade time watching each other’s kids. So you take mine today for a few hours and I will watch yours tomorrow! It is a FREE way to have someone watch your kiddo for you, plus you get to return the favor for someone else. 

      If you have family near by, ask them to watch your littles for a bit. We just moved back to our home town, and I love having family nearby to help out. Before we moved, I didn’t have any family nearby and now we have both sets of grandparents 10 minutes away! They are a huge asset that I have been FULLY taking advantage of since moving back to KCMO. 

8. Treat every outing like a business opportunity.

     As a stay at home mommy I tend to stay home a lot. So when I do leave, I try to make it count. When you go to the grocery store or the post office hand out free leggings with your business card tucked inside.  Network with fellow mommies and local businesses, and book some pop ups!

     Always be wearing Lularoe when you leave the house! You are your very best advertisement and it is totally free! If anyone compliments you on your clothes you have an opportunity to talk about your business. 

9. Build a relationship with your customers. Give them a reason to shop with you over someone else.

     With mostly online sales, I had to really work hard to make those connections with my customers. Be genuine and open with your VIPs. If your kid decides to paint the wall with butter, take a picture and post it to your group! People will relate to your experience and appreciate your honesty!        

     Ask your customers about themselves too! Have them post a picture of their pet or ask them how their day is going and respond to each comment. Try to remember things about your customers like favorite styles or sizes. Or even non lula stuff, if you know they are obsessed with pugs tag them in your picture of pug leggings. If they just lost a family pet send them some leggings or even just a card. It shows you care and they are probably more likely to shop with you.

10. Give yourself some grace.

     Being a mom is hard. It is exhausting physically and mentally. Running a business is hard too! So when you do them both at the same time it can be challenging. Remember, your success is going to look very different from someone else’s.  Don’t compare yourself to other people, everyone’s circumstances are entirely different. It is okay to not do everything perfect or not make 100k a month. You have got this, babe!

I hope this helped you! If you have ever thought about selling Lularoe or just have some questions send me an email! I would absolutely love to help you.

If you want to shop with me here is my a link to my Facebook Group!

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LuLaRoe, PostPartum Anxiety, and Finding Myself Again.

Imagine, the thing that scares you the most is the least scary thing of all.

      Since I was 8 years old, I knew that I wanted to be a stay at home mom. People would ask what I wanted to be when I grew up, and I would say, “I want to be a mommy.” I had always helped in the nursery, and worked at kid’s camps. My identity was built around my love for kiddos…and then I had one. He was so precious and perfect, and I was TERRIFIED. It didn’t come naturally to me like I had thought it would. My outgoing people-loving self was replaced with an agoraphobic hermit who was filled with dread at the thought of seeing anyone. I would have panic attacks if there was a loud noise or I heard a tiny cough on the monitor. After losing 20 pounds from not eating or sleeping, I knew that I needed some help. Who knew that help would come from colorful leggings, lots of love, and some medication!

      In the beginning, I didn’t want anyone to be around me or the baby. I was constantly crying, and leaving the house was basically impossible. I felt like every thing about me had disappeared, and all that was left was keeping this little baby alive. I used to love talking to people, all day every day, but now I didn’t want anyone around. One day a simple visit to the pediatrician sent me into a panic attack. While we were driving, some ice had settled in my cup, and I thought the car was going to crash. I started sobbing uncontrollably, and couldn’t breathe. My amazing husband helped calm me down before seeing the doctor, but I was on the verge of losing it the whole time we were there. A few weeks postpartum, I called my OBGYN, and told her what was going on. She met with me, and even brought me some snacks and juice (Which I was obsessed with at the time for some reason.) I was obviously not myself, and she told me that I might be suffering from Postpartum Anxiety & Depression. Then came meds! 

     After starting medication, I was feeling SO much better. I was able to talk to people, I could eat, and I had much fewer episodes of extreme sadness or anxiety. But, I still wasn’t me anymore. Being a momma is a 24/7 job, and that can really affect your psyche. I had joined a mommy group, and when I was asked what I liked to do for fun I literally had NO idea. How silly is that? It was a simple question, but I had no answer. It took me forever, but I finally came up with that I liked to tell stories. (Just like I am doing now!) But that definitely showed me that I really needed something for me that had nothing to do with being a mom. In said mommy group, I had met Shylah she was pregnant at the same time I was, and she was part of a little ol’ company called, LULAROE! Shylah is so full of light and life and you can’t help but be drawn to her. I had purchased a pair of leggings when I was NINE months pregnant and they were my favorite thing to wear postpartum so I asked her what it took to be a part of her team!  

     Flash forward two months, and I was finally a LuLaRoe consultant! LuLaRoe provided me an outlet to rediscover who I was outside of being a mommy. I had some time to focus on something other than my baby, and just focus on myself. I got to find my fun-loving extroverted side through doing live sales, and talking to all of my awesome customers. Packaging up orders and balancing my books gave me time to clear my mind and become more grounded. I could go on and on about all the ways that colorful, comfortable clothes absolutely changed my life. I am a better wife, and a better mommy because of LuLaRoe. I will forever be grateful to this amazing company for helping me find myself, and pulling me up out of the darkest, scariest time of my life. 

     If you are struggling with postpartum anxiety or depression, please reach out to a healthcare professional. I can’t explain how much it helped me. 

     If you have any questions about me or joining my LuLaRoe team, send me an email: lularoemegankreuer@gmail. I would love to talk to you about any questions that you have for me!

     If you want to shop with me, join my VIP shopping group!