How to Revive your Dead Lularoe Group on Facebook

A few months in, and my group was already DEAD. No one was shopping. I couldn’t even consistently sell one item a week. I was JUST about to give up on LuLaRoe altogether when I decided to CHANGE EVERYTHING !! I had been convinced that I was working as hard as I could, and I was failing because people just didn’t want to shop. That was NOT true. I could have done a whole lot of things better! So now a few months later I have more than DOUBLED my sales, and my Facebook Group is nearly THREE TIMES bigger than before. Here is how I did it!!!!!

1. Get a new photo set up, then retake pictures of your entire inventory! (Yes really, ALL of it)

     One goal in retaking your pictures is to make your stagnant inventory look fresh. Sometimes giving people a new way too look at an item is all you needed to get the sale! I redid all of my pictures for my Relaunch Party and people thought my stuff was brand new. I also received tons of compliments on my picture set up.

Another goal in retaking your pictures is to make your group LOOK new and fresh. It will help get people excited and it gives you a whole new BRAND, which I will get to later.

There are TONS of ways to change up your photos. Here are just a few ways to liven things up.

  • Get a new backdrop.
  • Switch up your type of picture. Doing flat lays? Try hanging the clothes! Hanging the clothes? Get a mannequin!
  • Add accessories.
  • Style the item with another piece. It will help show people how to style their purchase PLUS you might able to sell that second item.
  • Add close up pictures of the print
  • Change your method of showing the items size. Try wood letters, a sign, edit the picture to add the size as a text, use a collage app, etc)

Think like a customer. Can you see the print clearly? Does the angle compliment the piece of clothing well?

Here is a bonus tip! Make sure you have GREAT lighting! Better lighting makes a HUGE difference in the quality of your pictures. I can post a link to the lighting kit that I use.

2. Do the “Deanne Challenge” and the “72 Hour Game Plan” and BOOK THOSE POP UPS!

     Basically both of these challenges involve putting yourself out there, so you have to be brave! Don’t be afraid of being told no because it is going to happen. The “Deanne Challenge” is talking to 10 new people every day and the “72 Hour Gameplan” is making a list of 72 people you know and reaching out to them in a 72 hour window of time. I like to combine them into ONE challenge with a twist. Let’s just call it the “Megan Challenge” for consistency sake.

Here is how to complete the “Megan Challenge”. Set aside a chunk of time, and devote that time to reaching out to as many people AND businesses that you can in that period of time. I usually set aside an hour for this. You can ask them if they would like to host a pop up, an album sale, OR a virtual styling session. I use all methods of communication, phone, email, Facebook, and Instagram. Whichever way you feel will be the most convincing.

Don’t just contact people you know. What businesses do you think would be a fun place for a pop up? Any local churches or nonprofits up for a fundraiser? Think outside the box!


     Be posting constantly on social media! Post on your main networking platforms at least twice a day, and more than that if you can! Facebook algorithms will feature your posts on people’s feeds depending on how often you post! So be posting ALL the time! I have seen a HUGE jump in interaction from posting more and more.

What kind of posts? Post about your life. If your puppy destroyed all of your pillows, take a picture of the fluffy mess. If you are eating cookies in your pantry, take a picture! It doesn’t all have to be Lularoe! I like to make about half of the posts about my life or something not 100% LLR related. Which leads to my next point..

4. Get to know your customers and let them get to know you too!

Part of sharing in your life alongside your work stuff is so people can get to know you better. If they feel like they know you and are a part of your life, they are way less likely to shop with someone else. You wanted to develop a relationship with your customers.

The other side of that is, get to know your customers! Make posts that ask them questions or allow them to share a part of their life. Ask them to share a picture of their pet or child! Remember their sizes and likes/dislikes. You remembering details about them is sure to make them feel special! I do this with my VIPs, and it really makes a difference! And you can “cheat” by searching bless and finding out their size or looking up a past post.

 5. Brand yourself and your business.

     This is a big one. If you want to shop online for Lularoe there are TONS of places for you to do that. You need to ask yourself, “Why would people want to shop with you and how are you different than everyone else?”

Give yourself a unique voice. Are you obsessed with coffee? Are you a total wino? Talk about ypur passions and the things that make you happy. It doesn’t have to be a niche or hobby. Think about your persinality. I am kind of a silly bouncy talkative type so I LEAN into that! So I am going to be energetic and fun in all of my posts! Or do a silly pose in my pictures. My brand is fun and all about connections. Dig deep. Find out who you are/what you like and then AMPLIFY it! A brand is never going to be done halfway. Find your voice and speak it LOUD.

Set your business apart. You want a cohesive look. You can accomplish this in different ways. Use your shipping! Find a specific polymailer. (Unicorns, Green, Flowers, etc. If you love packing up your shipments with tissue paper and treats, DO THAT! If you aren’t big on spending extra effort/time on shipping, Use online posts! Give each album sale a different theme (Pineapples, Peter Pan, The Office). Use consistent typography or go live during a specific time each day. Whatever you do, DO IT CONSISTENTLY!


     Consistency is HUGE in your group. You need to consistent in every aspect of your group. Keep your “rules” the same and stick to them. (I make mine pretty gracious.)

Keep a weekly schedule! Your VIPS need to know your schedule and be able to rely on you to keep that schedule. It can be anything as long as you keep it the same each week. Here is an example:

  • Sunday- Styling Sessions
  • Monday- Flat Lays
  • Tuesday- Shop the Box
  • Wednesday- Album Sale
  • Thursday- Live Sale
  • Friday/Saturday- Off

Make your Lularoe schedule work with your lifestyle. If you want to book all 7 days, DO IT! If you can only work an hour a day, then make that work. No matter what stay consistent, you will most likely see better sales/participation!

Remember to give it your best, and be okay with being rejected sometimes.  Watch as many training videos or read blogs (Like mine!) as much as you can! Take inspiration from retailers who inspire you! Use all of the resources that are available to you. 

If you are interested in becoming a consultant, send me an email: I’d love to answer any questions that you have. Or you can find my business page on Facebook.

If you want to check out my shopping group here is my link:

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